January 1, 2020

User Story – The Cycle Time of Many Machines Became Available on Smartphones, in Real Time

Injection Molding - Automotive

The cycle time is an important parameter for production capacity. If there are various machines producing different types of deliverables, it is difficult to be up-to-date on each machine’s cycle time, unless the production manager, or operator, run around to get each machine’s data.

One of our customers has a lot of machines that produce different plastic components. But simple production data, such as how many units were produced in the last 4 hours, was not available on the spot.

Recently, the customer installed Factbird on each machine, and now the customer is able to obtain real time FACTS for each machine - on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Cycle data from each machine, Trend curves, Event logging, and more…

Installing Factbird was very easy and fast. The customer could install Factbird on each machine in a few minutes, simply by plugging into a power outlet. There was no need to integrate with SCADA,  HMI, applications or any other fancy IT system.

Factbird communicates directly to your smartphone, PC or display.  You can use the data for your action immediately.

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