October 21, 2019

User Story – Your Data can be Used for Much More than you Know Today

Your Data can be Used for Much More than you Know Today

One of our customers have been using the Blackbird solution for some time and they have collected a lot of live data from their production ever since.

They use the production yield (number of units produced) as the most important information and they get the numbers from all their factories in many countries. The Blackbird solution enables them to get a real-time view across countries and they get all the details that they need in order to make the right decisions.

Before Factbird, all the production counting required many manual procedures, and it was reported on a weekly or daily basis. Since it was not real time data and could only be seen from one dedicated computer placed in each factory, the data was not very useful.

With the Blackbird solution, the customer can see the live production progress on computers everywhere as well as on smartphones and tablets. The data has become much more available to use. Therefore, the customer’s data maturity level has grown from “beginner” to “advanced”. The customer decided to go one step further on the use of their data. They know by now that “data is the new gold”.

The customer connected the live production data from Blackbird with their data warehouse solution. The data is automatically fed into their data warehouse system with a Blackbird API. Now they can not only see the production data in real time, but also use the data for the company's business analytics.

This was the beginning of a journey towards more mature use of the data as important business information. They started by collecting live data and moved step by step further along their need by using the Blackbird flexibility and thus turning the data into gold.

The data from the production has opened a previously unknown potential for improvement and operational excellence that has proven important for staying competitive in the long run.

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