March 28, 2022

User Story: Digital Checklist Brings More Successful Days on the Shop Floors

Digital Checklist Brings More Successful Days on the Shop Floors 

Digitizing the paper-based checklist enabled our customer to analyze non-automated processes in the factory to support their daily operation.  Perfect Day software replaced their paper-based checklist and visualizes various activity status for everyone in real time on the shop floor.

One of our Blackbird customers in the chemical industry has been using the Blackbird system for several automated lines. They have been using the live data from the sensors to run daily operation while analyzing daily reports generated by Power BI with Blackbird data. Since the installation of the Blackbird system, the production process has become more transparent for everyone. This transparency helps them improve the utilization rate and helped better communication among operators and managers. This resulted in a better workflow and improved results.

Now that automated lines can be viewed and monitored in the cloud, the customer also wanted to view the non-automated processes in the system. They contacted the Blackbird team and learned about Perfect Day – Digital T-card system. Perfect Day is a cloud-based software that can be used as a digital checklist to track and monitor all processes surrounding production.

The issue

The customer had a long list of daily tasks on the shop floor to ensure the products are produced with consistent quality and comply with manufacturing standards. Their checklist was paper-based, and every day the items were manually checked off. It was then filed in a binder at the end of each day. It served only as a checklist, and nothing further, as it’s too time-consuming to type the information into a spreadsheet.

The changes 

The customer started using Perfect Day for some of their critical activities around 5S. Instead of using a paper-based checklist, the customer created a plan that included several activities. All the activities are listed on a web browser. When an activity is completed properly, the status card is changed to green with a few clicks. If an activity cannot be completed, the status can be altered to red with a comment section. This method visualizes all the 5S activities and their status on a web browser for everyone to follow. It calculates the completion rate based on the number of times a task is completed and vice versa.

It was an eye-opener for the customer to see the daily status over time. Now, the customer can see which process is succeeding or failing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

As everything is in the cloud, the information is more accessible and valuable compared to the handwritten method. Perfect Day was able to replace their paper-based checklist while offering the customer an opportunity to analyze the information in the factory, allowing for improvement opportunities.  

Running an operation in the factory is about if you can have smooth successful day or not. Tracking both automated and non-automated processes in the factory allows for higher visibility and insight, leading to improvements – more perfect days in the factory.

*Perfect Day is typically used for the processes where the answer is yes or no. Interested in using the digital T-card or digital checklist? Contact us for a free trial!

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