December 17, 2021

User Story: OEE in your pocket – Plug and play even if you relocate your production

OEE in your pocket -  Plug and play even if you relocate your production

Production data systems are often complex and deeply integrated inside the multiple automation layers in factories. Not for Blackbird users! You can get real-time data after few minutes of installation because it is plug and play. You may not believe it because normally data integration is very pricey and time-consuming when updating existing systems to get live performance data or operating efficiency data (OEE).

One of our Blackbird customers, a beverage filling factory, started using the Blackbird solution in 2017. They liked the idea of being able to get live production data without disturbing production (plug and play). The factory has five high-speed lines and uses the Blackbird solution to monitor performance and analyze the downtime of each line in real time. In the last couple of years, the customer added few customized projects, such as a custom dashboard that displays multiple lines’ batch performance and a customized scheduled report that visualizes total factory efficiency with major issues across the lines. All enhancements were done quickly without a large investment, as the Blackbird system offers many standard components available for immediate use.

Recently, their production shifted to eastern Europe. This relocation took time, and once the production machines were up and running, the customer reached out to the Blackbird team for help connecting the new factory for real time data.

They were surprised that the Blackbird system reconnected automatically to the cloud via the local network, so it had already started to collect and analyze data in a new country!

This pleasant surprise meant that they could start using the data for improvement right away.

Here’s a peek into another benefit. The customer wanted to roll out the Blackbird system on four new lines in the new factory, which can be done by just ordering four more Factbird by email. The plug and play features came into play here more than during their first installation four years prior. Moving the OEE system from one country to another was just like bringing the system in their pocket

2022 will be their 5th year of using Blackbird, and they want to continue to use the data as golden recourse for continuous improvement in their new factory. As the Blackbird software itself is constantly improving with new functions and features, the customer now uses Blackbird much more than initial use and with more gains from the data. 

Blackbird grows with our customers. We’re looking forward to the exciting journey of next year with all our curious and aspiring customers. 

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