January 24, 2022

User Story: The Easy Way to Get Executive Summary of Your Production at the End of Each Day

The Easy Way to Get Executive Summary of Your Production at the End of Each Day

The Blackbird solution is an easy-to-use program. Blackbird provides transparency to what is happening on your production line while offering the opportunity for improvement. Recently, more and more customers are using the built-in scheduled report feature to get an executive summary of the production by utilizing standard BI software, e.g., Microsoft Power BI.  

One of our customers has been using the Blackbird system on their filling lines to register production stops. Each stop on the lines is registered with a reason with the timestamp, and they can easily navigate on the software to see all the stops by category, by OEE type, and the operators’ comments on each stop.

As the Blackbird application is very easy to use for operators and department leaders, stops are all correctly registered in real time and has replaced the old-fashioned paper and spreadsheet-based manual recording.

On one occurrence, this customer contacted the Blackbird team as they used Blackbird on many lines and wanted a daily, weekly, and monthly summary of all the lines. They wanted to automate the manual daily reporting to the management team to make the reporting faster, more accurate, and more valuable.

This occurrence led to a built-in feature on the Blackbird system with a Power BI template that pulls the data from the Blackbird system anytime. Now, all the performance data on the filling lines can be viewed on one PDF report that includes production counts, scrap rate, top 5 stop reasons across lines, consolidated total OEE, and more. The report is not just a summary of the data, it is FACTS about the production.

The customer has been using the Blackbird for stop reason registration and running batches, all the information was already in the system and the Power BI report template could easily be customized exactly the way they wanted, making the data ever more relevant and valuable for the management team.

The customized report is sent out automatically via email every day once a shift ends. This absolves the need for waiting or asking, as the team automatically knows the shopfloor status. Using this feature allows customers to understand their production quicker, to support the shopfloor more quickly and efficiently.

The customer started to use the Blackbird as a shopfloor tool to register stop reasons to replace the manual recording in the factory. And they expanded the data utilization even one step further. Now the management team got the powerful tool: data to make correct decisions resulting in a more efficient and profitable factory.

*This story is based on one of our customer’s true story.

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