Factbird View uses off-the-shelf standard webcams to stream video footage from factories. The Factbird sends the video data to the Blackbird cloud server directly via WiFi without interfering with existing automation layers, which makes the installation plug and play.
Now a new function has been added on the stop analytic page, which allows to access the video clips of each stop even more seamlessly.

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Function (System II): Gain Quicker Access to Video Clips of Downtime

Watch what happened on your line anywhere anytime

Factbird View is an option for Factbird, which allows us to watch videos of your production. Some customers are using Factbird View to analyse issues on their lines e.g., to place a camera on the bottleneck where the carton boxes often get jammed – to see how the issue happened and to see how to improve. Other customers are using it to monitor their production machines on their shopfloor where it runs by itself without any operators in presence unless there is an issue.

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New Function – Various Cameras Connect to the Factbird Production Data