In the competitive world of manufacturing, efficiency is key to staying ahead. One of the primary challenges that manufacturers face is identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in their production process. Bottlenecks are points in the process where work accumulates, causing delays and reducing overall productivity.In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies for identifying and eliminating bottlenecks Read more

Identifying and Eliminating Bottlenecks in Your Manufacturing Process

About Erwin Quarder Group   The Erwin Quarder Group is a leading manufacturer of technical plastic parts with production sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA, Mexico, and China. The group mainly develops and manufactures products combining plastics and electrotechnical components, such as plastic hybrid components with sensor integration, individual cooling systems for batteries, and high-voltage Read more

The Erwin Quarder Group achieved an impressive 20% increase in OEE and scrap rates reduced below 1% in a matter of weeks

Blackbird offers one standard, cloud-based solution constantly updated with relevant features developed to meet the needs of our most demanding industry partners.    Designed for maximum ease-of-use, Blackbird prioritizes an interactive and intuitive user experience, while also providing a complex framework that lets its users view their data as granularly or broadly as they need.  Blackbird’s Read more

Blackbird offers several Power Bi solutions  

Scandi Standard were able to achieve operational excellence quickly and securely thanks to the implementation of the Blackbird solution.How far away is your organization from operational excellence? As the progression towards Industry 4.0 accelerates, manufacturers are quickly realizing how crucial digitalization efforts will be in determining their survival in an ever-changing landscape. Early adopters who Read more

The path to operational excellence with Blackbird