May 25, 2020

Blackbird System II Launching

More scalable data handling, enhanced security and new front-end application


We have been working on developing System II for the last two years in order to make the system more scalable and to fulfill many of our customers wishes from various industries. The migration test of System II has been completed at some of our customer’s sites and we are very happy to have received positive feedback about the new system. System II will soon be available for new users while existing users can continue using System I since both systems will continue to co-exist. If any of the users onSystem I would like to upgrade to System II, please contact us for more information. Some highlights of System II

  • Consolidated OEE for groups of machines
  • Andon Calls – Maintenance Integration
  • In-Process Control
  • Multiple sensors combined to form a connected production line
  • Configurable user roles and levels
  • Push standard reports and PowerBI interface

Our mantra of “simplicity” and “easy to use” continues to exist on System II together with the wireless Plug and Play devices.

For customers who would like to upgrade to System II

For those who are already using the Blackbird software and who would like to upgrade to System II, we kindly request you to take 3 hours of training to ensure a smooth upgrading process and to get the most value out of the new platform, while we make sure the successful data transfer.

System II upgrade project fee

Price: DKK 5000, – / EUR 700, – / USD 850The fee includes:

  • Data transfer (the detail steps are on the following chart)
  • 3 hours training up to 10 participants

Our resources allows us to make a system upgrade of 3-5 companies per month.

This is the upgrading process

Upgrading process

Upgrading process

Objective of the training

The requested training will save you time including money and maximize the use of the Blackbird solution for improvement on your production. 

  • Quickly and efficiently understand what is new and how to use the new software
  • Learn exactly how you can use it for your daily operation – straight to the point
  • Train multiple people at the same time and elevate the level of the usage of the system in one go

Who can benefit from upgrading System I to System II?

The customers who want to…

  • analyze group OEE, downtime of multiple lines and multiple tags
  • get PLC data, OPC server interfacing
  • manage multiple sensors on the same line, and want to see consolidated data
  • integrate with ERP and other data sources
  • data extraction – want to make customized report, transfer to a local system
  • integrate with maintenance system
  • higher sampling rate (e.g. for maintenance, for accurate cycle time)
  • use the system also for in-process control (e.g. the food industry)
  • require higher security requirement
  • use video data for documentation and analysis

For more information, please contact us.

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