March 3, 2021

Function (System II): Stop Cause Analytic

If you are trying to make continuous improvement in your production, it is necessary to be able to analyze the stop cause. The Blackbird Analytic function helps you do this much easier, faster and more precisely. 

The causes of your production stops can be many and divided into several categories and types. The Blackbird system assists you to categorize all stop causes and group into different types easily – and automatically calculates, analyses and visualizes the stop cause. 

For example,

  • You can see your biggest challenge (biggest cause) on your shop floor in the last 2 weeks on a pareto chart
  • You can analyse causes in specific OEE category, e.g., all the causes in change-over
  • You can see all the causes in specific category you have defined, e.g., all the cause related to labelling machine

Furthermore, you can see the transition of the causes you are focusing on. e.g., if you want to improve labelling machine related issues you can see how the problem has been transitioning over time on scatter plot.

Clicking a bar on the graph is the most intuitive way to see more details of the analysis. But you can also do the following to quickly access what you want to see.

  • You can select the type of chart you want see from the pull-down menu on the top right corner
  • You can filter by selecting on search field under the chart. You can select multiple factors, e.g., “Loss during operation” & “more than 5 min”

The more you know about your problems, the easier it gets to approach them. 

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