January 20, 2020

New function – Sorting by Parent Categories on Stop Cause Analytics

It is now possible to analyze stop causes by the parent categories you have defined on the Stop Cause Analytics page. It is useful when you would like to analyze only the specific category of the causes. 

When you define a stop cause, you can make a parent category that includes multiple causes. For example, you can create a parent category called “Packaging machine issue” and you can put “Glue error”, “Print issue” and “Cutting issue” into this category. If you want to see how these three causes are transitioning, you can choose “Packaging machine issue” on the Analytics page to show only these 3 causes in the pareto and bubble chart.

  1. Click “STOPS” from the pulldown menu of “ANALYTICS”
  2. Choose the parent category you want to show from the pulldown menu of “Parent: All” on top of the pareto chart

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