September 30, 2021

Function (System II): Stop Cause Multi Language Capability

If you can say yes to one of the following points, the translation function on the Blackbird Stop registration page can be very useful:

Your factories or suppliers are in multiple countries

Your company is a global manufacturing firm

There are more than two languages commonly used in your region

Stop cause registration is an important basis for downtime analysis and OEE calculations and therefore registration of stops with the correct causes are important. However, this could be challenging, especially if different shop floors or even every operator has their own native language, they register their stops in.

The Blackbird Translation function allows to register a stop cause in multiple languages, while maintaining the stop cause as one cause in analytics and OEE calculation. For example, a stop cause can be registered in Spanish in one factory, and the same stop cause can be registered in Chinese in another factory, and finally the consolidated efficiency report of both factories can be viewed in English in the headquarters.

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