December 21, 2020

New Function (System II): Status page

To always ensure that you have the best version and highest speed of the Blackbird system, we continuously improve the system. This sometimes require us to perform planned maintenance and in a few cases, this will affect you as a customer, i.e. the Blackbird platform will be unavailable for a short time period. We plan accordingly and give you a heads up to limit interruption in your daily use of Blackbird.

The newest version of the Blackbird System II now has a status page where you can subscribe to information about planned maintenance and events that could affect your data, including a live status of each services on the Blackbird system.

This page will be the primary communication channel for you to be updated on the status of all the Blackbird services on System II.

You can subscribe to email updates here:

1. Click the “Status” button in the footer

2. Click on the blue button “SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES” on top of the page.

3. Type in your email which you would like to receive notification at, and click “SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL”.

In the unfortunate event that an incident is affecting your data on the Blackbird system, the status page notifies you right away and give you a status of the problem.

The link to this page is added to the footer of the page for quick access. Besides, in the footer you can also see a signal button that shows the status of the system in real-time.

Status icon in the footer

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