April 22, 2020

New Function – Split Stop While Operating Multiple Processes During a Stop

Stop cause registration is basis for downtime analysis and OEE analysis. To make the workflow even easier, we have added a new function, which allows us to split the current stop. 

For example

There is a 90 minutes stop for a batch changeover, which consists of three phases: 1. cleaning, 2. setup the new equipment, and 3. turn and start up the equipment. This case requires that an operator split a 90 minutes stop into 3 stops, so that each stop is registered with a correct cause.

How to use the function

  1. Click “Register stops” on the main page
  2. Click “Split stop” button above the red bar on the right
  3. Click “Split stop” on the pop-up page to split the current stop

You can use this function when you finish one process and start another process, as this button split the current stop in real time. 

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