April 21, 2019

Factbird in Your Maintenance System – and Your Security System


Factbird in Your Maintenance System – and Your Security System

Factbird has for many years been known as a way of ensuring live data from production equipment, and the Blackbird cloud services are furthermore known as a very powerful tool that provides an overview of the production performance and improvement opportunities.

However, less known is the fact that Factbird’s measurement capabilities are constantly evolving and that they are used for an expanding number of applications.

Factbird is very easy to use together with preventive maintenance systems and many companies who use dedicated maintenance systems or use the maintenance features in big IT systems such as SAP, sees Factbird as an easy gateway of live data that helpspreventive maintenance. 

The Blackbird team has enhanced the analogue measurement options of the Factbird family. The new measurements come in handy when monitoring for example the performance of pumps or other critical equipment that may be hard to get access to. One of the Blackbird customers are using Factbird as part of their preventive maintenance and they used the measurement for a pressure pump. They had added an alarm for pumping pressure above a critical limit. 

One day a critical pressure alarm went on - and warned the maintenance staff immediately on their smartphones, as the pump pressure had risen above the critical limit. The pump failure was quickly handled, and the customer avoided a small disaster because of the access to real time data - everywhere.

Time is important and especially in emergency-related situations. Factbird's independent communication via the mobile network has proven to be effective in many situations that could otherwise have ended in a critical situation. Sometimes because of equipment, but it can also be due to hacking, virus attack or other safety threats to the traditional automation systems.

The Blackbird solutions are independent of the existing automation infrastructure, so they can ensure live data also when everything else fails.

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