January 21, 2019

Your Plant in your Pocket at Scandi Standard

Your Plant in your Pocket at Scandi Standard

For large companies controlling multiple facilities and multiple lines, it is essential to maintain control and knowledge over the activity and productivity of the operations. Historically, the old way of doing this included collecting written reports from operators and floor managers on the operation of the machines. However, with Factbird, this analysing and reporting of data can be done directly from the sensors of the operating machines to any electronic device – thus allowing factories to manage productivity across all machines, lines and facilities.

One of our valued Factbird customers that recognises data as today’s most valuable resource, is Scandi Standard - the leading chicken producer in the Nordic region. They are a great advocator of the Factbird solution because they can add the system to their existing equipment, no matter what conditions they work in. The Group COO of Scandi Standard, Per Alan Jensen, even installed their first Factbird himself on their production line within 10 minutes. On this basis, Scandi Standard has chosen Blackbird as the primary system to registrate their electronic stops while also using the system to support their Performance Management journey – as they call it themselves: “The Road Down Blackbird Lane”

Scandi Standard have facilities in many countries and all run on the same Blackbird solution, in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland and Denmark. They all use the data in the Blackbird cloud solution to keep an overview of production performance and stop frequency.

Performance data are visible on the factory floor and the team leaders and others also have access on their smartphones. In fact, the Blackbird solution operates as their plant in their pocket. They can follow it anytime and anywhere, if they want to.

The potential of Blackbird for Scandi Standard is not only to see true data in terms of live performance data, standardised reporting across sites etc., but to react on true data by means of systematic problem solving, effective resource allocation and correct project prioritizing. The Blackbird data collection system therefore allows the company to perform fact-based decision making, as Factbird data enables the production to see their problems and take action based on these facts. 

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