January 25, 2022

Rust event: counter intuitive perhaps, but it keeps us from getting rusty!

Knowledge sharing is key.

One of the ways we at Blackbird stay at the forefront of the industry is by keeping up to date with the lastest and greatest technology. We’ve found that knowledge sharing events are a great way to do this. On Thursday January 27, we will have the pleasure of hosting the first Copenhagen Rust Group meeting of the year.

‘Copenhagen Rust Group’ organizes meetups regularly where the participants exchange experiences and get inspiration from each other. The participants are all technical with varying knowledge of Rust (the multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language, not oxidized metal 😊).

Blackbird uses Rust for developing our cloud-based software for Smart Factory. Rust makes it possible to build reliable and efficient software for real time data analytics, which is crucial for manufacturing companies to analyze production performance in real time and make the right decision as fast possible.

”By using Rust, we gain a competitive technical advantage over our competitors. Our customers use the Blackbird system in their factories, and they benefit from having reliable data on an efficient system.” says Simon Vandel Sillesen, Full Stack Engineer at Blackbird. What’s not to like?

The Blackbird system has been deployed in more than 27 countries and the team is continuously developing and improving the system for our customers globally.

Copenhagen Rust Group
"Copenhagen Rust Group" is a meetup organized by volunteers who are enthusiastic about the programming language Rust. The participants are all technical with varying degrees of knowledge of Rust. Anyone can join.  

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