July 4, 2022

Real-time visibility into production performance to help you drive change

We are always happy to share our customers’ success stories and the innovative ways they use Blackbird with the hope that our customers can draw inspiration to help them on their own path towards digitalization.

McBride’s operators were able to get quick overviews of which lines were on target and which ones were not, allowing them to pinpoint each line's problem areas. Additionally, their managers created a daily management screen to visualize data and create daily reports on the ten most common codes to address. Powered with data, both the managers and operators were able to understand their capabilities and gain full transparency over their production lines.

Eliminating the need for operators to manually input stop codes into their SAP system, as well as the simple yet effective visualization of data, further propelled their journey towards a smarter, digitalized factory.

By fully embracing the Blackbird system, the production team at McBride now have the data they need to make continuous improvements. Having already experienced a 4% boost in their OEE, McBride is expecting to improve by an additional 20% within the next calendar year.

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