March 20, 2020

New function – Split Screen for Multiple Line Display on Blackbird Production Meter

It is now possible to split your screen in order to display multiple lines on the Blackbird Production Meter. This is a useful new function if you would like to follow a shift or a batch progress of multiple lines.

Production Meter is a dashboard that visualizes shift/batch progress and provides very intuitive quick overview of the live status of your lines. Many of our customers display the Production Meter on a big flat screen in their shop floor, so that everyone can monitor how the production is running in real time. On the Production Meter dashboard, you can quickly gain an overview of:

  • Shift /Batch progress – is it behind or ahead of schedule? How much behind or ahead?
  • Current status of the line – is it stopping or producing?
  • Are there any unregistered stops that the operators need to clear?
  • How is the current batch/shift running compared to the previous one?

The new function allows you to choose up to four lines to display.

*Production Meter is for anyone who uses the Batch function or Shift function on the Blackbird Application.

  1. Click “Production Meter” on the top menu bar
  2. Click “Show Several” on the bottom of the list of the lines
  3. Check “Show Shift” or “Show Batch” on the lines you want to display, and click “Show Devices”

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