Wireless Plug and Play Data Collection

Production process data anywhere in real time
More than an OEE system

About the Blackbird Solution

The Blackbird solution is an end-to-end solution that consists of the Factbird® data collection hardware and the Blackbird Cloud Application on AWS. You can collect data from anywhere in your factory and use the built-in analytics to make your production more efficient and profitable.

Make your production smarter for industry 4.0 in just one hour

    Fast implementation

    • Wireless
    • Plug and play

    Quick installation

    The installation can be done in less than one hour on a production line:

    • Set up a sensor (adaptable for various industry sensors) and plug into power
    • Log on to the Blackbird Application on a web browser and access your production data (e.g. OEE, output-flow, downtime tracking etc.) from your smartphone, tablet and PC

    Simple implementation

    No matter if it is an old legacy machine or a new modern machine where different types of control systems are used, Factbird can be installed quickly. The installation does not require long downtime and does not require a complex IT project.

    • No complex IT project with large investments
    • No modification to your existing control systems
    • No need for specialized IT skills
    • No shut-down of your production for the installation

    Factbird® Duo – IoT hardware for any process in the factory






    WI-FI & 4G/LTE




    Simple Usability

    • Easy and fast plug and play installation

    • Constantly improving hardware – firmware automatically updates via the internet

    • Small in size – easy to install anywhere in the factories

    Advanced Security

    • State-of-the-art encryption technology - data is always handled securely
    • Secure network communication is enabled through advanced authentication technology

    Reliable Uptime

    • Extensive connectivity - Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 802.11a/b/g/n, 4G/LTE  with fallback to 3G/2G

    • Auto failover between Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE 

    • Automatic buffering in case of data connection failure

    How it works

    Factbird® collects data from sensors (e.g., the number of units produced, temperature of materials, etc.) and sends it to a secure cloud server directly via Wi-Fi or mobile network (Ethernet available on Factbird® Pro and Factbird® Omron NX1). The Blackbird Application analyzes and visualizes the data in the cloud, and you can see the data on a secure web-based user interface on your smartphone, tablet,  and PC in real time.

    Directly connect your machine to the cloud - No automation layer involved

    Wireless plug and play data collection hardware and web-based software
    What you can do

    You can start with a simple output-flow monitoring, taking one step at a time to move forward, or you can use some of the functions to supplement your existing system. You can also use the full system as global production data lake. No matter how you use the system, it is simple to install and easy to use.

    More than an OEE system

    This video walks you through the Blackbird Software - System II.

    Industry 4.0 - The 4th industrial revolution is changing the business landscape

    Data from processes opens for previously unknown potential for improvement to make your production more efficient and profitable


    How is the production running?

    You can track live and historical data of production processes, e.g. units produced and temperature of the material. You can also get notified by an email or a text message, if action needs to be taken

    What is the biggest cause for downtime?

    You can register a cause for each stop and identify the source of downtime to improve the process.

    How can we increase the machine OEE?

    You can visually understand each measurement of your machine OEE and make an improvement action to increase the OEE.

    How can we see the overview (performance and OEE) of all the lines in multiple factories?

    You can see the live global/factory overview that visualizes the performance of all the lines in multiple factories across the globe on one dashboard.

    How is the progress of the batch/shift?

    You can monitor performance vs target in real time. You can visually see the live progress of your batches/shifts on a flat screen at the shop floor or remotely from your smartphone.

    Why and how did the line stop?

    You can watch what happened on your line on the video from the Factbird View and analyze the cause of the stop without guessing why.

    How can we more efficiently plan the maintenance?

    You can observe the data from the sensor on your critical equipment and detect if it is developing a problem or not. 

    How can we prevent unexpected equipment failure?

    You can get notified by an email or a text message, if the data from your machine indicates irregular behavior or a developing fault.

    How can we more efficiently manage the mass production processes - production schedule, production execution, quality control, etc.?

    You can integrate the Blackbird system with other systems (e.g. ERP, OPC, PLC), to seamlessly manage the manufacturing process without overlapping the operations on various systems.

    How can we get our production data integrated with our Business Intelligence software such as Alteryx, Power BI or Tableau?

    You can easily export the data on the Blackbird Application to a business Intelligence tool, hence your production data can be utilized even further across your organization.

    How can we achieve a Smart Factory level?

    You can use the Blackbird cloud as your global production data lake and accelerate operational excellence by digitalizing shop floors. Combining the data from the Blackbird system and from other systems in the factory, you can define control parameters to set up data intelligent analysis.

    Blackbird Applications are designed for process optimization and are constantly being improved based on requests from the customers.

    Data collection from any process in the factory

    Wireless, encrypted, security token-based IoT hardware – Up to 100 Hz sampling rate

    You can use standard sensors from any sensor supplier (digital or analog with 4-20 mA output)

    The installation can be done in under one hour.

    Best seller


    1 digital or analog input from a standard sensor. GSM or WiFi connection to the cloud server.

    Factbird Duo®

    2 digital inputs from standard sensors. LTE or WiFi connection to the cloud server.

    Factbird® Omron NX1

    6 digital or 8 analog inputs from standard sensors. Ethernet or WiFi connection to the cloud server

    Factbird® View

    Process video option. WiFi or Ethernet connection to the cloud server.

    What kind of data can be sent to the Blackbird cloud?

    • Sensors – standard industrial sensors (digital NPN sensors, analog sensors with 4-20 mA signal – e.g. Omron, Sick)

      • Production count, temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration etc. 

    • Video – standard webcams, sneak cameras etc. 

    • Push button, Touch button (e.g. Omron wireless push buttons)

    • Barcode scanner

    • Existing signals (e.g. PLC)

    • ERP (e.g. SAP, Navision)

    "What should I buy?"

    For my filling lines, for my packaging lines, for my molding machines…

    Blackbird plug and play package for data collection and analytics

    Plug and Play Package

    • Factbird Duo IoT box
    • Digital Sensor
    • Sensor Cable
    • Power Supply Unit
    GSM SIM card is pre-assembled inside the Factbird Duo IoT box

    What you can do on the software

    • Live output-flow monitoring
    • Downtime analysis
    • OEE
    • Batch performance tracking

    What you get as service

    • 24/7 access to production data
    • Hotline support – email/phone
    • Cloud server space
    • Backup of sensor data: 3 years during license period
    User references


    Production data for downtime analysis


    OEE analysis to increase productivity


    Process improvement for cost reduction

    Digitalization of shop floors revolutionize manufacturing operations.