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We're looking forward to speaking with you, but before we do, here's a few videos explaining the different use cases of Blackbird; ie. how you use it to identify downtime causes, real time monitoring etc.

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The manufacturing industry has been undergoing a profound transformation through the digitization

Maintenance holds a pivotal role in the manufacturing industry, with its impact

Blackbird makes it possible to schedule production shifts using the line scheduler.

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Richard Phipps
Operations Manager

"One of the best pieces of kit I have used. I liked the ease of use and plug and play set-up….. The trial allowed us to test the product before purchase enabling us to see the real benefits and value of the system before payment."

Richard Wilson
Operations Manager

"We did a deep dive on a test rig on Monday, and I found the power of the OEE module. I could demonstrate to the team that of 7.5 manned hours we’d got 2.7 hours value added time. The chart is crystal clear, so logical to follow to analyze the performance and identify improvements!"