September 21, 2020

New Function (System II) – Alteryx, Power BI, Tableau Integration

Is your company using a business intelligence tool such as Alteryx, Power BI or Tableau? Do you want to get your production data integrated with your BI software? (BI: Business Intelligence)

The Blackbird system automates the whole process from capturing data of your production process to analyzing and visualizing the data to make the data available as actionable information. If your company is using a business intelligence data analytic and visualization tools, such as Alteryx, Power BI or Tableau, the Blackbird system can also integrate with these tools , hence your production data can be utilized even further across your organization. You do not need any complex IT project or time-consuming project implementation. You can easily export the data on the Blackbird Application to a Business Intelligence tool. 

Please contact us if you wish to integrate your production data with your BI (Business Intelligence) tools.  

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