June 25, 2021

Function (System II): Power BI Integration

By using the Blackbird plug and play system, data from your production process can easily be collected and utilized for process improvements in your factory. The Blackbird standard software is continuously improving, and new features are added to reflect customers’ requests. We are aiming to stay as valuable as possible for as many customers and industries as possible. In addition to the standard software, the Blackbird system has the capability of integrating with other softwares. The data can become even more helpful when using such integrations, especially for customers who want to use the data for further analysis or on customized dashboard to visualise the data. One of the examples is connecting Power BI to the Blackbird system. Power BI is a standard Microsoft software and can obtain the data from the Blackbird data collection system.

By using Power BI and Blackbird, you can:

  • Customize the visualization of the data and have your custom dashboard be displayed on screens on your shopfloor.
  • Customize the content of scheduled reports on your production efficiency, thereby receiving customized report in PDF on regular basis.

These are some of the examples of such customization

  • Monitoring production efficiency across lines or across factories
  • Analyzing downtime reasons in pareto charts by products and by shift
  • Analyzing changeover target vs actual times across all lines
  • Monitoring each shift efficiency by factory

If you would like to explore what you can do with your data, please contact us.

Production results in Power BI

One of our customers is using Power BI to get the production result overview at one dashboard 

Daily and Accumulated Status in Power BI

You can also use Power BI to get a report of your lines, both daily and accumulated status. Here you can see whether the top 10 stops are problems over time or specifically for this day. This way you can always improve by focusing on the biggest stop causes.

OEE in Power BI

Power BI can also be used to display OEE and OEE waterfall. 

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