Perfect Day

Digital T-Card System for Manufacturing Process Tracking

About Perfect Day

Perfect Day is a cloud-based web application that tracks the status of plans and activities and visualize various manufacturing processes in real time. Perfect Day not only serves as a traditional T-Card system, but also provides historical and real time data for analysis to drive manufacturing process improvement. The data is securely stored in the Blackbird cloud server and can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and PCs or big flatscreens on shop floors from anywhere.

Together with Factbird,
Perfect Day helps factories become more efficient and profitable.

Factory downtime can be caused not only by machine-related errors, but also by human activities.

  • Batch schedule was not ready.
  • We did not have qualified people to start the machine. 
  • Safety walk/genba walk was not completed. 
  • Required materials were missing
  • The production had to wait for lab results

These activities need to be completed in time to run daily production smoothly.

Tracking and visualizing the status of activities makes it possible to prevent incomplete and forgotten activities as well as to see which processes are failing and what is the low scored process that requires more attention. Analyzing and monitoring the data allows you to improve workflows and processes, making production more efficient.

Perfect Day visualizes the status of activities on the shop floor. e.g., Is the safety walk done? Are all areas inspected?
Is the shift schedule prepared for tomorrow?

On a perfect day on the shop floor, there will be nothing but green lights.

With Perfect Day, task status is visually tracked and shared.

What PerfectDay Offers
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere
    PerfectDay is a web-based software. It is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Endlessly Scalable
    There are no restrictions on how many plans, actions and users you can set up for your company in Perfect Day.
  • Live Progress Overview
    PerfectDay provides you with a live overview of the completion of actions on a plan-based and company-based level.
  • Easily Adaptable
    Manage people, tasks, and resources by easily customizing Perfect Day to your needs.
  • Role-Based Access
    Perfect Day features a role-based user structure, giving you complete control over individual permissions and access to plans.

Perfect Day is an independent cloud software for tracking tasks easily in real-time on any shop floor.

Perfect Day streamlines and optimizes all tasks and processes within your organization.

Features of Perfect Day

Perfect Day is a simple solution to manage the workflow in your organization and track the status of all tasks involved.

Manage Plans Within Your Organization

Create action plans for different departments, teams, projects, or processes throughout your organization. All done with just a few clicks! 

Customize Actions

Adapt each action to the requirement of the individual task by defining a color scale, performance criteria, and event frequency.

Track Workflow Status

Track the completion of individual tasks on a plan-level and company-level. Analyze action data to streamline workflows.

Manage Permissions And Groups

Reflect your organizational structure in the system by assigning groups and roles, giving users different permissions and access.

With Perfect Day, you can make manufacturing processes more efficient.

  • Fewer errors – prevent incomplete and forgotten tasks.
  • Less effort – reduce paperwork and enhance the communication across departments allowing for better process flow.
  • More value – optimize resource allocation and utilization based on real time overview of processes.
  • More information – gain full transparency over the workflow in your organization.


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