February 25, 2020

New function – Auto Stop Cause Registration for Outside of Shift

To register stop causes is basis for downtime analysis and OEE analysis. If you have a production shift schedule at your factory, there is a new function that automatically registers e.g. “no planned production” when it is outside of the shift.   

This means, when there is a shift, stops will be required to be registered with causes, but when there is no shift, stops will be automatically registered with e.g. “no planned production” (or anything you configure).

  1. Click the name of the device to go to the “Edit device” page.
  2. Click the “Auto register stops” tab. If you have not set up a shift schedule, you can click “Edit schedules” on the bottom of the page to create a shift.
  3. Choose a stop cause you want to register for outside of shift and click “Save” button. 

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