April 28, 2021

Supporting Material – New Omron Sensor E3AS Series

Do you have problems with getting correct counts from your existing sensor?

Try the new Omron sensor E3AS series. 

The Blackbird solution utilizes market available industrial sensors to collect production data into the Factbird IoT box. It is a basis for downtime analytics and OEE measurement to capture correct counts. But sometimes it is challenging due to the influence of color patterns, glossiness and shape of the products that runs on the lines. Or it could also be due to the objects that come in between a sensor and its reflector e.g. during the line clearing process. The challenge becomes bigger when it comes to the flexible lines.

Now, the new sensor from Omron could solve the issues easily.

Omron released a new complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) photoelectric sensor family, the E3AS-HL Series. It provides more stable detection of clear, highly reflective, or differently colored parts by leveraging CMOS technology.

Blackbird tested the sensor and we started providing the new sensor to the Blackbird customers. New Blackbird customers can already now chose to have E3AS sensor packaged with their Factbird.

Please contact us, if you need to improve your sensor counts and would like to try the new sensor on your Factbird. Blackbird has several industrial sensors on stock to make sure you will find one that fits your needs. Depending on what you measure whether it is counting, temperature or vibration, and the environment the sensor is installed in you need to find the correct sensor. To get an overview over which sensors Blackbird provides you can look at the updated datasheet on out website by clicking here. For additional information about the sensor its is linked to the manufacturer’s site for easy navigation. 

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