May 24, 2020

User Story – Adding a New Production Line to Your Factory

When manufacturing companies decide to add a new production machine, one of the most difficult questions is how many features they should have on the machine. The more features to add, the more difficult it is to install and to maintain. 

Especially if the features are non-standard. If you ask a supplier to deliver a customized machine, the project risk is much higher. It can delay the project and make it much more expensive. Maybe worst of all: if you need the additional line to meet the increasing production demand, it adds a big risk to your future production capacity.

Therefore, some of the Blackbird customers decide to buy standard machines and add the extra features in the Blackbird solution rather than on the production line. Blackbird hardware can easily be added on any machine in the factory without requiring any integration or modification on existing set-up. The hardware can be installed as plug and play, which means the installation does not cause long downtime and there are no delays on production capacity. So instead of buying a custom-made production machine, you can purchase a standard machine and add on the Blackbird solution later.

Since the Blackbird solution delivers data directly into the cloud, either by a gateway or by a Factbird device – no automation layer is involved, the reliable machine data is achieved by using well-known technology: standard sensors, wireless technology and the Blackbird cloud solution. No risk, no delayed production capacity.

It depends on what additional features you want, but many of our customers are using the Factbird to collect production data such as OEE, cycle time, maintenance status, stop counting and batch data on their machine. When you need OEE data from your machine, Factbird can be added to a machine quickly and the machine’s OEE data is available on the Blackbird cloud server. The OEE data is analyzed and visualized on the Blackbird application and can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet and PC from anywhere in the world. Even across multiple factories and multiple production sites.

In short, if you need more capacity, you should buy the standard production equipment and use the Blackbird solution to add the additional features you need. Avoid bad surprises on time and cost in terms of unwanted delays. 

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