January 24, 2022

New Function: Connecting Digital Scale to the Cloud for Process Control

Connecting Digital Scale to the Cloud for Process Control

Blackbird ‘s goal is to collect data from any process that could bring value to customers. Our customers are collecting data from standard digital count sensors, process parameters, video, PLC tags, barcode reader, stack (Andon) light, etc. 

Now we can connect digital scales to the system to feed the weight information automatically!  This function has been requested by a customer who is using the process control function on the Blackbird system. This customer previously took samples from the line and measured the weight of the samples for each batch. With this new solution, putting samples on the scale and making one click feeds the weight information to the Blackbird Process Control Page directly. This makes the control process faster while eliminating human error.

Let us know if you want to connect your equipment to the Blackbird cloud!


Once you connect a digital scale, the scale icon is shown on the Process Control Page. 

If you are interested in the Process Control Function, please contact us for more detail. 

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