March 24, 2023

New Feature: Stop Alarms

About Stop Alarms 

Stop Alarms is a function for escalating unexpected production downtime to managers, helping the manager to prioritize their attention.

Alarms can be configured with a type and duration. If a production stop of the specified type exceeds the set duration, notifications will be sent to the subscribers

Stop types are:

  • Unregistered
  • Loss During Operation
  • Non-production activities
  • Batch-specific non-operation
  • No activity at the line

Benefits of Stop Alarms 

Stop alarms can be used to alert the production manager or other relevant personnel to an ongoing issue on the production line.

For example, if all stops should be registered within 30 minutes, an alarm can be set to notify the subscriber if a stoppage is unregistered after that time.

How to set up a stop alarm

Stop alarms can be set up on any digital sensor.

1. Select the sensor you want to set the alarm for from your sensors list. Click to open the sensor view.

2. Go to the “Alarms” tab and click the “+” button.

3. In the modal that appears, select “Stop for T Seconds” from the dropdown. Enter a value in minutes to set the stop duration.

Select the sensor you want to set the alarm for from your sensors list. Click to open the sensor view.

4.  Press the + ADD NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO ALARM link to add subscribers. You can choose to be notified by email, SMS, or both.

You don’t need to fill in both fields. When you’re finished, press CONFIRM.

5. When you’re done, press “Create Alarm”. This will take you back to the alarm list for that sensor. You can view the information you’ve entered, in a table format, as well as the status of each alarm.

  • Enabled: The alarm is correctly set and active.
  • Disabled: You can disable certain alarms instead of deleting them, in case you want to enable them again later.
  • Inactive: The alarm won’t send any notifications because there are no subscribers. An alarm symbol is displayed in the subscriber’s column to indicate this.

To add an additional subscriber, press the “+” symbol in the “Subscribers” column or edit the alarm details using the pencil button on the right.

6.  Click the blue + icon on the right side of the page to create as many alarms as you need.

Enjoy utilizing this feature!

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