October 10, 2022

Blackbird Feature Update: Sensors Configuration

Blackbird now supports both PNP and NPN!

Blackbird’s interface has only supported NPN sensor configuration until now. A new feature has been added since most of our customers in the USA use PNP sensor configuration. Under Main Sensor Settings, it is now possible to register whether NPN or PNP is preferred! We hope our customers find this new addition helpful and we look forward to announcing new feature updates in the near future. 

 Factbird Duo has to be running software version 2.6.5 in order to be able to configure the ports. The version of the software can be found in the dashboard, device section. 

We’ve taken a number of measures to improve the security of the Blackbird application, incl. CSP/STS security headers.

Generally, websites will allow the sending and receiving of data about a connection being established. This can make certain sites more prone to attacks. We have now implemented two of the top security headers (CSP / STS). This ensures that your web connection is safe and you can use Blackbird worry-free. If you’re curious to know more about these security headers, feel free to read more here.

Batches may now be continued at a later point from the actions on the batches-tab.

Sometimes a batch needs to run partly on one day and continue on the next. With our new Continue action on the Batches tab, you are able to stop a batch like normal and click Continue the day later, when it is time to do so. This helps you to have all your batch data in one file, instead of having to generate new batches each time.

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