July 29, 2021

Function (System II) – Manual Process Performance Tracking

Blackbird utilizes standard sensors to collect data from any process in the factory. But what about manual processes? Is it possible to track performance on manual processes in the factory?

Recently the new function called “Manual Process Performance Tracking” was released. This allows you to track downtime where there is no mechanical machine flow. That is where operators are assembling products manually, which usually consists of several steps, and downtime can be caused by different reasons before the processes is completed.

By using this function, you can analyze what is causing the downtime on manual processes.

This is how it looks:
stop registration

The stop cause registration is done in the same way as a normally, butt instead of having a sensor detecting a stop, operators click “BEGIN STOP” button on REGISTER STOPS page to create a stop. When the stop ends, click “END STOP” button.

If you are interested in the function, please contact us to try out.

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