January 1, 2020

User Story – In Seconds, The Production Manager Gets Updated About Production Status


Factbird collects and sends production data to a cloud server 24/7, and the users can see the data from anywhere, anytime.

This customer started to use Factbird, mainly to identify the number of stops and their duration, and the time of start and stop on the line. After using it for a while, Factbird has become an important tool to start the workday for the production manager. In seconds, she can get an overview of how the production has been running for the last 24 hours. Just checking the Factbird gets her well prepared for status meetings.  

Factbird data also allows the production manager to have more efficient dialogue with shop floor staff. For example, instead of asking an operator how the production has been running for last 24 hours and getting the answer, ”Fine," she can now initiate the dialogue by saying, "I can see that there was a short stop on the line around midnight. Is there any problem we need to solve?" In other words, Factbird enables management to have a much more proactive approach to production control.

The first Factbird was installed on the flexible line that can produce various products. On that line, Factbird helped to analyze downtime and the stop causes to eliminate the small errors, and it is now running with significantly lower waste. The customer can also plan a production schedule better because Factbird data shows when a batch started and when it is expected to finish. And all this data is real time and can be accessed from smartphones, anytime. 

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