March 22, 2020

Function Recap – Trend Analysis by Looking at Correlation of KPIs

Blackbird collects data from your production and analyze the data to show you valuable insights for potential improvement in your factory. On the Production Live page, you can follow the current/historical production status, as well as quickly gain the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as Units produced, Number of stops, Value adding time, Average stop length, etc. You can also analyze how these KPIs have been transitioning over time, e.g. Is Number of stops decreasing in the last 3 months? Is Units produced increasing? Furthermore, you can analyze the transition by looking at correlations of multiple KPIs at the same time.

How to use the function

  1. Click “Live Graph” on the main page
  2. Click “Show same statistics over time”
  3. Click “All” tab on top of the graph
  4. Check on/off the KPIs you want to show/hide 

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