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Smart Factory Fridays #1 - The difference between digtial losers and digital winners

Have you ever wondered what the manufacturing landscape will look like in 2035 and what you need to start doing now to remain in the game?

Manufacturers' biggest challenges are to lower cost, increase quality and respond to changing customer demand. Those who will win are the ones who digitalize and get more data on improving and automating repeated processes.

Smart Factory Fridays #2 - The challenge of producing for a better tomorrow

Learn how the tools that support digital transformation can also support initiatives related to sustainability goals, especially in times when the energy crisis is making it imperative to look at energy consumption in relation to production efficiency.

Discover how Danfoss and Blackbird are addressing these challenges. 

Smart Factory Fridays #3 - How to drive behavioral change on the factory floor 

To fully realize the benefits of digitalization, it is essential to drive behavioral change on the factory floor. 

Managers play a critical role in creating a culture of continuous improvement and ensuring the team is equipped and empowered to adapt to innovation and new systems.

But how can you effectively drive this change?

Factbird is used in various industries and collects data from any process in the factory


Food & beverages


Medical devices, Plastic, Chemical, Pump & Water, Injection Molding, Packaging, Agriculture, Building materials, Metal, Chemical, Cosmetic, Oil, Consulting, Research & Testing

Customers stories


November 25, 2021

User Story: How to avoid the PLC nightmare in the factory?

July 28, 2021

User Story – Data Improves Any Process

March 3, 2021

User Story – Detailed Machine-insight with the use of Blackbird

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Food & beverages

June 15, 2022

Process Optimization in Manufacturing for the Beverage Industry: Blackbird visits CO-RO!

December 17, 2021

User Story: OEE in your pocket – Plug and play even if you relocate your production

June 29, 2021

User Story – Learning by Real Time Data at Scandi Standard

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January 27, 2021

User Story – Autins turned their challenge into success by quickly adopting an IoT solution

March 22, 2020

User Story – Simple Wireless OEE Solution for Plastic Molding Machines

January 1, 2020

User Story – The Cycle Time of Many Machines Became Available on Smartphones, in Real Time

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Other industries

April 26, 2022

User Story – Easy Performance Tracking at Manual Stations 

March 28, 2022

User Story: Digital Checklist Brings More Successful Days on the Shop Floors

January 24, 2022

User Story: The Easy Way to Get Executive Summary of Your Production at the End of Each Day

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