November 25, 2021

Function (System II): Gain Quicker Access to Video Clips of Downtime

Factbird View  - the video option on the Blackbird solution – is helping manufacturing companies to analyze downtime and to validate various production processes. Factbird View uses off-the-shelf standard webcams to stream video footage from factories. The Factbird sends the video data to the Blackbird cloud server directly via WiFi without interfering with existing automation layers, which makes the installation plug and play.

Now a new function has been added on the stop analytic page, which allows to access the video clips of each stop even more seamlessly.

You can use this function, for example:

  • When you find a stop with a comment written by an operator and would like to know more about the situation. You can just click the video icon of the stop and watch the video when the stop happened.  Based on the facts presented in the video, you can support the shopfloor even better. 
  • You can filter out stops of one specific cause and watch the series of videos to analyze the root cause of the specific stop cause.

How to use this function:

  • Under the chart on Analytics page, there is a list of stops
  • Click the video icon on the right of each row to watch the video clip
  • If you have multiple cameras attached to a sensor, you can select a camera from the drop-down list inside the dialog

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