February 25, 2020

User Story – Get an Alarm Message If Something Goes Wrong at Your Production


Blackbird has several customers within the pharmaceutical industry. One of them produces tablets in a clean room environment of a modern production facility, where Blackbird has been used to follow the production status in real time.

Before introducing Blackbird, the operators would sit and wait near the production machine, so that they were ready in case of production stops. The machine is very stable and has very few stops. It means that the operators spend a lot of time just waiting around the machine, not being able to do anything else.

After having implemented Blackbird, the operators are not forced to wait around the machine anymore. They just need to look at the Blackbird dashboard screen that shows a red bar if the machine stops. The factory even uses a tablet-based solution, so the operators can take the screen with them wherever they work.

This was a big improvement on their working process, but this company pursues continuous improvements. One day, one of the production engineers at the factory contacted the Blackbird team to ask if it would be possible to just send a message if the machine stops. That way, the operators would get an alarm message if they needed to take action, and they would not have to watch the screen all the time.

This alarm feature is now part of the Blackbird solution in Factbird Digital. The production engineer is very pleased with the alarm function, because now the operators get notified by text messages on their smartphones whenever the machine stops. There is no need to sit and wait, and no need to look at the tablet’s screen either. Instead they can spend their time on other things and the staff is very happy and motivated with this change.

In fact, this idea has proven to be very useful for many other Blackbird users.

We are grateful for such inputs from our customers, which makes the Blackbird solution evolve together with our customers needs. 

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