Secure the sustainable future of your production

Helping manufacturing organizations do more and better with less is at the core of who we are. We strive to support UNSDG 12 goal of transforming the production patterns to become more sustainable and decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation.

Søren Schønnemann

CCO & Partner at Blackbird

We see an increase in demand from manufacturers seeking our solution to help optimize their production efforts and reduce wasted resources. More and more manufacturing companies are getting better at embedding sustainability practices into their DNA. With that their data needs are becoming more granular, to comply with reporting requirements but also to deep dive into root causes"

Our solution

We want to help manufacturers maximize their sustainable potential by providing an end-to-end solution that can be installed in no time, tracks the data you need and present it in a ready to act format for you to focus on what matters. 


Collect the required data for reporting and decision making.


Be aware of your true impact on the environment.


Take action to minimize your production footprint

We support you in achieving your ESG goals


We help organizations increase resource efficiency and optimize production performance. They manage to reduce wasted resources in their production processes and produce more efficient and sustainable.

We help our customers reduce their scrap rate to rates below 1 % in some cases.

Our customers manage to reduce packaging waste by using analog data like humidity, temperature, and equipment settings, to define the optimal conditions.

We help our customers to optimize their production by enabling them to reduce cycle time and remove nightshifts or even avoid opening new production facilities. 


We give operators visibility into production performance dashboards, into the potential problems, and boost their confidence enabling them to make fast fact-based decisions and perform better as a team and drive collaboration.

We comply with worker unions regarding data privacy and individual performance tracking.

By using Blackbird our customers experience enhanced labor productivity, allowing them to increase pay for frontline teams without it affecting production costs.

We have created a digital tool ‘Perfect Day’ that can be used to track safety protocols and other activities more efficiently. 


We enable managers to ensure safety on the production lines and track processes digitally.

We help our customers track audits and checklists more efficiently with our digital solution that keeps track of historical records for reporting to governments and other regulatory institutions.

We help manufacturing companies improve their quality process and comply with different product standards.

We help companies monitor their waste and help them make sure they do not dispose of waste that is not within allowed limits, risking their reputation and lawsuits and harming the environment.

Energy meter

Reduce equipment energy consumption without compromising on output and performance.

Conveniently track and monitor the machinery power consumption to shed light on usage while on standby or at different speed levels.

New eBook

Production efficiency and sustainability are two sides of the same coin

Read about the clear bond between manufacturing efficiency and corporate sustainability frameworks like ESG, in numbers.

Learn how to increase your profit margins with existing resources and minimum investment while also doing good for the environment.