August 25, 2020

New Function (System II) – OEE Trend Graph, Customization View, Multi Languages

For those of you who are using Blackbird System II, there are few updates you may be able to use immediately.

1)      OEE in trend analysis

OEE measurement is now available on the trend analysis graph. This enables you to analyze your OEE over time, e.g. you can see how your OEE measurement is transitioning in the last 2 months.  

Go to TRENDS page, select OEE from the pull-down menu. 

2)      Customization

When you log into the Blackbird app, you will first see the line overview as the first page you look at. Now there are several new options to customize the view, e.g. you can add OEE summary or stop graph on the view.

Log into the Blackbird app, click “Configure your personal overview” icon on top right corner.  

3)      Multi languages launched 

The Blackbird system II software is now available in 11 languages, which gives better usability to our customers in many different countries across the globe.

Click the globe icon on top right corner. 

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