March 28, 2022

New Function: New and Improved Andon Function

New and Improved Andon Function

The Andon function has been redesigned to streamline each element of functionality. It was requested by one of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry who required maintenance tasks to be integrated into the Blackbird system.

Andon works like a help call button for operators on the shop floor. When an operator initiates Andon call on the Blackbird software with one click, it creates a support ticket on the dashboard. Then, factory’s support teams such as mechanics, technicians, etc., can seamlessly step in for help. Andon on the Blackbird system can also send alarm notifications. It sends text messages or emails to the members who assist with the help calls, which enables the team to react faster. 

Check out the instructional videos and start using the Andon function for your daily operation!

How to set up Workers:

How to set up Schedules:

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