February 21, 2019

Connecting your Existing Machines to Live Data

Connecting your existing machines to Live Data

Many factories have equipment and production machines, which are very old.

Many production companies are of the belief that they require new equipment to use the Blackbird solution. This, however, is not the case – and many of our customers who believed the same are now able to obtain data from their existing machines by just adding the Factbird to their existing machines. After having connected the Factbird to the machine, they have real live data within a few minutes.

Actually, “old” equipment is even said to be easier to connect to the Blackbird solution rather than new equipment, because older equipment has very few automation functions. The advantage here is that the Blackbird solution is independent of automation systems, as it has its own direct communication to the Blackbird cloud.

The Blackbird team is often faced with three types of machines– and all of them are easy to connect to. This is what the Blackbird team calls them:


  1. Legacy machines: These are old machines. Most are mechanical machines with relays that have never been connected to any data collection technology. Factbird is the easy solution because the Factbird sensor is so easy to install with a plug, a strip, a screw or anything similar. With 24V or 230V supply, it is ready to provide live data to any screen.
  2. Normal machines: These machines are PLC or computer controlled. They can be connected to data collection technology, but it is a bit more complicated. It takes an IT expert to connect them, but the Factbird is still an easy solution, as it can read from the PLC or from its own sensors. Again, it is quick and easy to get the live data to any screen or system – like the maintenance management system.
  3. New machines: These can be very advanced machines, and most often they are ready to be connected to data collection technology. In addition, the customer has an option – they can either use their advanced, modern computer system on the machine or just connect the Factbird. Many of our customers prefer to collect data through a Factbird, a plug ‘n’ play system, because they do not want to change their existing system.


For legacy, normal and new machines, the Blackbird team can help find the best solution.

In approximately 15 minutes one can have live data on any existing screen i.e., computer, tablet or smartphone.

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