August 11, 2022

How to manage your scrap

How are you calculating scrap? Are you still relying on your operators to manually count individual units scrapped? Are you waiting until a batch is complete before you subtract total quantity used from what was actually produced? Scrap count is a very important metric when it comes to calculating OEE, which is why so many of our customers rely on the accuracy of Blackbird's scrap count function to help them improve performance.

There are 2 different ways the Blackbird solution can help you keep an accurate scrap count - one is manual, the other is automated.

  • To use the manual approach,  simply key in the numbers of scrapped units manually for each batch. You can also have an operator to click a button every time a unit is scrapped. The Blackbird system will automatically factor your scrap count into OEE calculations.
  • To automated your scrap count, simply use a Factbird and a sensor to calculate individual units scrapped during production. You can also use two separate sensors - one calculating the input, the other the output. Then simply subtract the two totals. An existing scrap sensor can also be connected for a fully automated calculation.

Customers who prefer to utilize the automated features often choose Factbird Duos or Factbird Omron NX1s due to their multiple sensor inputs.

Both manual and automated processes are linked to your OEE dashboard, and are automatically included in OEE calculations, giving you and your team the full picture!

Want to learn more about our scrap feature, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information?

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