December 17, 2021

New Function: Hourly Performance Analytics

New Function - Hourly Performance Analytics

The new “Hourly View” on the Analytics page is now available for all Blackbird users. This function allows you to analyze your line performance hour by hour. Many of you may already be doing hourly performance reviews by paper or spreadsheet, which is often a time-consuming and inaccurate process. By using the Blackbird system, performance data is automatically calculated on the Blackbird software based on the data from sensors. This provides much quicker access to the correct data.

By using this new function together with existing Batch/Shift performance tracking dashboard, you can be even more aware of what is occurring on the shop floor. 

The new Hourly View visualizes performance for each hour. You get to see:

  • Performance hour by hour –whether you’re behind or ahead concerning an hourly target
  • Downtime analysis per hour – what kind of downtime occurred, how many times, and how long
  • What countermeasures against downtime have been taken

There is also a “signature” column, which shows whether a supervisor or manager has viewed the hourly report.

Try this function

Go to Analytics page, click the pull-down menu on right top corner, chose “Hourly count” 

This function is available on System 2 (similar function is available on System 1 – OPR under Analytics).  If you would like to upgrade from System 1 to System 2, please contact us and we can walk you through the upgrading process.

<Thanks for the request> This function was requested by one of our customers who has global operation. It is contributing to remove many of their paperwork and provide more accurate information about activity on the shop floor.

screen image

Hourly View screen image

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