October 21, 2020

Functions – The Fourth Step for Manufacturing Excellence: Batch Performance Tracking

Do you know each batch’s performance? How do you track batch performance on daily bases?

Following the first three steps that were introduced in the previous newsletters (First step, Second step, Third step), you are now ready for the fourth step of manufacturing excellence, which you can try with the Blackbird solution: batch performance tracking.

It is important to keep track on each batch’s performance, as KPIs (Key Performance Index) are different from one batch to the other.

It is very easy to manage batch information on the Blackbird application. You can just input the batch information (product name, batch number, expected production speed, etc.) or automate the import from your ERP system on the Blackbird application.

When you put batch information on the Blackbird application, you can simply click “Start” and “Stop” buttons when you run batches. You can track running batch’s performance in real time on the Blackbird batch dashboard as well as you can use historical performance data for analysis.  

Batch performance tracking of the Blackbird system enables you to answer the following questions within a minute:

  • Are we behind or ahead of the batch target? 
  • Mi az egyes tételek OEE-je?
  • What is the biggest issue that caused downtime on each batch?

How can you see the answers to these questions on the Blackbird application? 

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