Track and reduce the equipment energy consumption 24/7 

Reduce the equipment energy consumption without compromising on performance

Conveniently track and monitor the machinery power consumption in relation to the performance to shed light on usage while on standby or at different speed levels. Just the data you need to make the adjustments that best benefit the bottom line and the environment. 

Why should you monitor energy consumption?

During the energy monitoring pilot, we could see our energy savings on the machine in real-time. We have coded into the PLC that on any machine where there hasn’t been running production in the last 45 minutes, it automatically shuts down.

(Yearly, they were able to save 33,000 kWh on 4 machines, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of 8 households in Denmark.)


Operations Excellence Manager SVS Europe


  • Get the footprint of energy consumption down to machine level 
  •  Time stamped so that you can get the actual cost of energy consumed for a certain shift / batch/ product / performance level 
  • The data you need for energy reporting and decision making 
  • Use out of ordinary current consumption level as a predictive maintenance indicator 

How does it work?

Step 1

Choose your data collection option: Factbird Duo / Factbird Omron NX1  and energy meter  

Step 2

Install the hardware incl. the energy meter kit on your machine

Step 3

Instantly get the data to track and account the equipment’s energy consumption

Check out how Danfoss is doing it

Webinar on-demand

Discover how Danfoss managed to lower energy costs sustainably achieving up to a 77% reduction in standby energy consumption without compromising on output.  

Play the webinar on-demand video to learn how the tools that support digital transformation can also support initiatives related to sustainability goals, especially in times when the energy crisis is making it imperative to look at energy consumption in relation to production efficiency.

Installation guide & Brochure

Video installation tutorial

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