We were so excited to have a company trip out to one of our customers, CO-RO, to experience Blackbird’s contribution to their efforts in process optimization in manufacturing!  Sunquick, Sun Lolly, Suntop, and Suncola are staple fruit beverages throughout the entire globe; but did you know that these drinks are conceptualized and produced in Scandinavia? With Read more

Process Optimization in Manufacturing for the Beverage Industry: Blackbird visits CO-RO!

Production data systems are often complex and deeply integrated inside the multiple automation layers in factories. Not for Blackbird users! 
One of our Blackbird customers, a beverage filling factory, started using the Blackbird solution in 2017. 
Recently, their production shifted to eastern Europe. This relocation took time, and once the production machines were up and running, the customer reached out to the Blackbird team for help connecting the new factory for real time data.

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User Story: OEE in your pocket – Plug and play even if you relocate your production

A company learned the hard way that you cannot improve what you cannot measure. It is one of the Blackbird customers who manufactures consumer products in large volume. They realized in order to improve, they had to start by knowing what you do not know in your production.

The company was looking for an OEE system for their 10 production lines and it had to be scalable because their market share was growing, and their factories spread across Europe, Asia, and North America.

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User Story – If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it

One of the Blackbird customers is a world leader in the beverage industry and driving improvement projects across their contract manufacturing factories in multiple locations. The company has subsidiaries in more than 20 countries and exports its brands to more than 100 countries across the world. It is a complex supply chain network where customers require on-time delivery and traceability.

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User Story – Grow with your suppliers by using Blackbird

One of our customers within the food industry is using the Blackbird system with several sensors on a production line. One of the sensors is counting the output at the end of the line, which gives important information to follow the overall batch performance. Additional sensors are added in order to analyze the parameters that must be optimized to produce more “golden batches” – meaning batches that are “as good as possible”.

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User Story – The “Golden Batch”, Getting Closer and Closer…