Automate your data collection

Could Factbird replace a traditional SCADA system?

Customers often ask if Factbird could be used instead of traditional SCADA system? The answer is YES, and it is much easier!

Many of our customers are already using SCADA system to have an overview of their processes. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and today's SCADA system is a really powerful system that can show real-time information, alarms, trend curves, batch production data etc. While this system is powerful, it is highly complex. In fact, it requires a professional automation team to maintain and configure the system.

Customers often want to avoid complexity. Instead of having a big and complex PC network system with many options, they simply want to see the data that is important to them. It is often only a small part of all the data they have access to in their SCADA system.

Customers: "We want to buy this standard production machine but we want only some data out of it. Could we simply add Factbird instead of adding a whole SCADA system to get this data?"

The answer is very often: Yes, you can. Easily!

You don't even have to involve the machine supplier. You can just add it.

Often, SCADA system provides you with flood of data and the system is typically expensive to upgrade and maintain. In reality, most customers only want a small part of what the SCADA system provides - less than 20 data points. So often, to get data from a SCADA system is like drinking water from a firehose.

In addition, many customers would also like to see LIVE data on their smartphones and tablets which existing SCADA system often can not provide.

The Factbird team works with our customers to enhance or replace old SCADA system with Factbirds - and maybe just use the built-in machine operator panel for daily operation. This solution requires no special SCADA skills. It can be installed and maintained by everybody and the data is safely stored in the Blackbird cloud and can be accessed from your own Smartphones and PCs.

The benefit? Simplicity. A simple solution that can grow with future needs, based on Factbird.