January 20, 2020

User Story – Keep Your Teams Synchronized for Success by Use of Blackbird Live Production Status

Globus Wine, the market leader in the bag-in-box segment in Scandinavia, northern Germany and Baltic regions, are using Blackbird to monitor their filling lines of wine production. The company’s competitive edge is to be able to produce high quality wine products with cutting edge production technology and highly trained staff that knows the production processes, the equipment and the IT systems.

Globus Wine has many customers with very different needs and requirements. While they need to meet the various requirements, they also want to provide high quality products at a competitive price. As everyone knows, it is hard to meet various customers’ different requirements and to run the production efficiently at the same time.

By introducing Blackbird at 5 of their filling lines, they can monitor the production progress and production efficiency anywhere, anytime. The production runs 24/7 and they can monitor the production status remotely from smartphones with Blackbird, e.g. during the nights or weekends. As an addition, they also use the Blackbird feature called "Production Meter”, which is a dashboard that shows the real time batch/shift progress on a flat screen placed in their production site.

Peter Bredvig (COO) who is responsible for the supply chain management and business improvement in Globus Wine, has been a very active Blackbird user and he has also been part of developing new Blackbird features. Peter Bredvig’s request was to see the production progress of multiple lines on the same screen. Peter Bredvig thought it could be a great way to raise everyone’s awareness about their production, as the production efficiency is the key success factor for the company.

Peter’s idea is implemented as a new feature in the Blackbird Production Meter. The Production Meter can now split the screen to display multiple lines’ LIVE status while it updates automatically in real time.  Furthermore, as the Blackbird solution is cloud based, the screen can be shown anywhere.

Today at Globus Wine, the production progress and efficiency are visualized and followed by everyone in the company. Sales & Marketing staff can also follow the production status easily on the screen, thereby having a deeper understanding of what is happening at the shop floor. It is important not to forget the motivational factor, which the Production Meter provides for the staff on the shop floor, as everyone in the company becomes more aware of the importance of running production efficiently.

Being able to share the live production status across the company creates better communication in the company and makes everyone more connected to work on a common goal.

We are grateful to Peter Bredvig, one of our many great customers, for providing us valuable input for continuous improvement of Blackbird.

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