July 15, 2020

Functions – The First Step for Manufacturing Excellence

The Blackbird can be used for more than an OEE system. But if your company is not familiar with industry 4.0 or factory digitalization, you can just start with a simple data collection and analysis, taking one step at a time to move forward.

Output-flow monitoring can be the first step for manufacturing excellence, and that is something you can do immediately by installing Factbird in your factory.

Output flow monitoring on Blackbird enables you to answer the following questions within a minute:

  • When did we start and finish the batched?
  • How much have we produced so far?
  • How many stops and how much down time?
  • Average stop time?
  • Longest non-stop time?
  • Product cycle time?
  • Trends and averages?

How can you see the answers to these questions on the Blackbird? Go to LIVE page of your line and check the realtime output-flow on the graph and the various KPIs under the graph.

*This function is available on both System I and II. 

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