August 25, 2020

Functions – The Second Step for Manufacturing Excellence

Following the first step, which was introduced on the previous newsletter (link), here is the second level of manufacturing excellence you can try with the Blackbird solution: downtime analysis. 

Many of you may already be doing downtime analysis in some ways: writing down stop reasons on a piece of paper on every batch, typing in on spreadsheets on PC or registering in the ERP system, etc. It is important to have correct data – each stop needs to be registered to a correct reason in order to make meaningful analysis.

It is very easy and fast to start registering stop causes for each stop in Blackbird, and this is something you can start immediately, all on the Blackbird application – no more manual registering. You can use automatic stop detection and you can perform online stop registering, the Blackbird application will then automatically analyze and visualize the data to give you an insight on how to improve the productivity.

Downtime analysis on Blackbird enables you to answer the following questions within a minute:

  • What is the reason for downtime and stops?
  • What is happening on the line 24/7?
  • What is the biggest stop cause?
  • What is changeover time?
  • How long and when is each stop cause happening?

How can you see the answers to these questions on the Blackbird?

  1. Go to REGISTER STOPS page of your line and start registering stop cause to each stop
  2. Go to ANALYTICS page to view visualized data

*This function is available on both System I and II. 



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