September 21, 2020

Functions – The Third Step for Manufacturing Excellence: OEE

Do you know your machine’s OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and how it is transitioning? 65%? 80%? 40%? 

Following the first and second steps that were introduced in the previous newsletter, you are now ready for the third step of manufacturing excellence, which you can try with the Blackbird solution: OEE analysis.

It is very easy and fast to start registering stop causes for each stop in Blackbird, which is the base for the OEE analysis. You can register a cause for each stop, which is detected automatically on the Blackbird solution and the OEE will be calculated automatically in real time.

In the OEE waterfall chart, you can see what is impacting the total availability time, and where you can improve the efficiency. If your company has an OEE target, you can see whether each batch is meeting the target or not in real time, and if the OEE is improving over time by just a few clicks on the Blackbird Application.

OEE analysis on Blackbird enables you to answer the following questions within a minute:

  • What is my machine’s OEE?
  • How can I improve the OEE of my production?
  • How is the OEE transitioning over time?
  • What is the OEE of each batch?

How can you see the answers to these questions on the Blackbird?

  1. Go to REGISTER STOPS page of your line and start registering stop cause to each stop.
  2. Go to OEE page to view calculated and visualized OEEs. 

OEE page - OEE and OEE waterfall chart

*This function is available on both System I and II.

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