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Blackbird lets you collect and display your production data in real-time on any device and helps you gain valuable insights into your operations.

  • You install a Factbird Duo on your line and set up sensors.
  • We track your OEE, batches, stop causes, and bottlenecks.
  • We present you with real-time data on how your production is running and help you identify performance-enhancing opportunities.
  • You increase OEE by 25% on average within a year.

How it works

  • Install the Blackbird device
  • Set up a sensor to capture data
  • Connect sensors to your Blackbird device
  • View your production data in real-time in your Blackbird dashboard 

What you’re trialing: 

Blackbird is an end-to-end platform that combines data collection, analytics, performance overview, automation, and procurement expertise.

You get a simple solution that grants you an overview of your production and lets you use your performance data to improve where it matters most.

OEE improvements you can expect within 12 months

Ready to see real, measurable improvements in your OEE? With Blackbird, it’s not only possible, it’s guaranteed. Get ready to see your efficiency soar and your profits grow.


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Richard Phipps
Operations Manager

"One of the best pieces of kit I have used. I liked the ease of use and plug and play set-up….. The trial allowed us to test the product before purchase enabling us to see the real benefits and value of the system before payment."

Richard Wilson
Operations Manager

"We did a deep dive on a test rig on Monday, and I found the power of the OEE module. I could demonstrate to the team that of 7.5 manned hours we’d got 2.7 hours value added time. The chart is crystal clear, so logical to follow to analyse the performance and identify improvements!"